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Swarkul in essence is a residential Gurukul for fully dedicated Dhrupad students to learn, practice, develop and become an accomplished Dhrupad musician. From Guru to Shishya is a soulful wisdom transmission leading to a deep transformation of the artistic spirit within the disciple. Guru Shishya Parampara is an indispensable way to impart our deep traditional knowledge, nurture it in a student and give personal time to the students in the same , to  grow.  Along with the music the students learn the philosophy embedded in life practiced by the Guru and they get the opportunity to imbibe this experience in their own lives.

Uday ji says “ My experience of learning from my Gurus showed me that DHRUPAD IS A WAY OF LIFE”. This education could not have been imparted in a class room but can be learnt only by staying for an extended period of time with the Guru. 

Having been lovingly trained in this parampara, Uday ji also wants to impart this knowledge to his students. In Swarkul dedicated students are provided residential facility. Further scholarship is also given to children who have the talent and interest but have financial constraints.


Swarkul Foundation established in the year 2019 was earlier known as Veena Foundation which was started in the year 2001.  Various Baithaks and workshops of legendary artists have been organized every year so that students can be take utmost benefit, get motivated and understand the life history of great maestro’s and their dedication to the art form.

We are extremely grateful and extend our heartfelt thanks to all the donors of Swarkul Foundation including Sarojini Damodaran Foundation and Codex Group who have supported the venture. It gives us a lot of confidence and reassurance to encourage and shape the future maestros and thus uphold our ancient art form in this challenging era of modernization. 


Admission forms for SWARKUL FOUNDATION will be released shortly which will be posted here.

Virtual Tour of Swarkul

Welcome to Dhrupad Swarkul, a place where divine sounds come alive and new talents emerge. Under the guidance of Pandit Uday Bhawalkar, we are creating a musical legacy in Pune.


We invite you to take a virtual tour of our academy by clicking on the image or a video link.

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